Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sam's 1st Film Festival

About 3 months ago Sam asked Brad and me if he could enter a film festival he had read about on a flier at our local theater.  It's a Southern Utah film festival sponsored by the group of theaters in this area.

He and a group of friends, including his siblings, came up with a script, costumes and props and pulled together an entry for the short film category.

The past 3 days have been the festival, culminating in the awards ceremony last night.
Given the busy past several days we hadn't made it to St. George for the festival up until yesterday when I took Sam and 4 of his cast to see the screening of the film and attend the awards ceremony. (Meantime, Cairo looked after Jack while Brad and Charlie were at the Cedar 3rd football game.)
With a favorite SUU student looking after Jack, Brad and the other 2 two kids made their way to St. George for the awards portion of the day...
The results...

I hope the fact that he is holding some cash in this photo is a foreshadowing of what this hobby may produce.

Cast heading into the awards ceremony
Sam and his buddies getting ready to view their film on the big screen
Dallin Brown (Cast) and Sam
The award: A nice trophy and an opportunity to take 25 people to a private screening of a movie of his choice at our local theater.  Also, lots of $$$ in gift certificates to spend on anything from movies to concessions at Westates Theaters.

Sam was awarded an honorable mention for his film.  He was by far the youngest of all the producers/directors.  Many of whom have made multiple films and have high-tech editing and producing equipment.
Jack's recovery, 7 days post accident.  We have both had a bath (or sponge bath) and are doing our daily rehab.

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