Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 15th

Atlantis, Palm Island Dubai.  Anniversary 2008
Fifteen years ago today Brad and I finally made it official.  Since then it's just gotten better.  We've been on a non-stop adventure.  There is nobody I would rather take this amazing ride with.
I love you more today than I did then.  Many more to come.

Dubai, Anniversary 2008
Our best (and only) Halloween Costumes 2008


On the Nile

At the Great Pyramids

A Very Merry Weekend

We had the traditional AWOL (adults without little ones) weekend at Little America with the Kerr Clan.  It was full of laughs, laughs, laughs, fun, Utah State heartbreak, delicious food, laughs, and lots of love and Christmas cheer.
Whenever I am around my siblings, their spouses and our parents I am reminded how fortunate I am to have my best friends also be called family.  It was very relaxing and fun to enjoy each others company as couples.  The very best gift Bobbi and John give us every year is the gift of time spent together.
Little America lobby, post-dinner.  12/17/11
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Monday, October 10, 2011

What a Difference a Few Weeks Makes

Jack's accident was 2 weeks ago Saturday.  It's amazing the progress he has made.  He gains confidence daily. Giving him the courage to try new things and stretch his legs and move his body.  Getting out of the house for the first car ride proved to be quite dramatic with neighbors coming out to see what the commotion was and if they could help.  Now a car ride is the first thing on this mind and he manages to get into and out of his seat in the car with little or no help.  Today we decided to put him into a full bath and let him soak.  What therapy that was for him.  His leg floated and he was able to stretch and move it as he is supposed to every day to keep the muscles long and strong.

After a bath and a clean up he was my date to the SUU coaches luncheon to hear about the last football game and to see one of his heroes, Coach Ed Lamb.  Coach Lamb invited Jack to come and watch practice on Tuesday or Thursday and get pictures with the players.  He and Charlie will be over the moon!

Through this entire experience we have been so fortunate to have loads of people rally around us and offer help and support.  In the grand scheme of things it is such a minor speed bump on the road of life.  We know that.  That knowledge just makes the support of others that much more valuable.  It makes a difference to feel cared for and loved in a community we are relatively new to.  We are all on the road to wellness and Jack plans to try school on Wednesday.  Another first, another milestone.

Jack's Progress Report..2 weeks Post Accident

Jack works everyday to get more experience with his crutches.

Friends provide great therapy.
Follow up X-Ray 10 days post op.
Jack's first car ride!

Working on crutches with Brad.

Going downstairs...really?...Tough for Mom to watch but he knew just what he was doing.

In the basement...Slept in his own bed last night!

Coach Johnny Brown of SUU Basketball

Coach Ed Lamb of SUU football.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Cook and Braxon

We finally got to see what is under all those bandages..YIKES.  It looks like a good start to a Halloween costume.

Charlie, Jack and Braxon playing Legos

A quick visit from Grandma and Grandpa Cook was super fun.  Especially since they brought Braxon as a surprise.

Jacob Bolton (football team mate) comes for a visit

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sam's 1st Film Festival

About 3 months ago Sam asked Brad and me if he could enter a film festival he had read about on a flier at our local theater.  It's a Southern Utah film festival sponsored by the group of theaters in this area.

He and a group of friends, including his siblings, came up with a script, costumes and props and pulled together an entry for the short film category.

The past 3 days have been the festival, culminating in the awards ceremony last night.
Given the busy past several days we hadn't made it to St. George for the festival up until yesterday when I took Sam and 4 of his cast to see the screening of the film and attend the awards ceremony. (Meantime, Cairo looked after Jack while Brad and Charlie were at the Cedar 3rd football game.)
With a favorite SUU student looking after Jack, Brad and the other 2 two kids made their way to St. George for the awards portion of the day...
The results...

I hope the fact that he is holding some cash in this photo is a foreshadowing of what this hobby may produce.

Cast heading into the awards ceremony
Sam and his buddies getting ready to view their film on the big screen
Dallin Brown (Cast) and Sam
The award: A nice trophy and an opportunity to take 25 people to a private screening of a movie of his choice at our local theater.  Also, lots of $$$ in gift certificates to spend on anything from movies to concessions at Westates Theaters.

Sam was awarded an honorable mention for his film.  He was by far the youngest of all the producers/directors.  Many of whom have made multiple films and have high-tech editing and producing equipment.
Jack's recovery, 7 days post accident.  We have both had a bath (or sponge bath) and are doing our daily rehab.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day of Beauty and Distraction

The 6 healthy legs overlooking Zion from the top of Kolob
 There was enough UGLY last weekend with Jack's injury during a football game on Saturday.  Thankfully, Bobbi and Grandpa John Kerr were in town to watch the game and looked after the surviving members of Team Cook for the remainder of the weekend.
The idea to take a hike to enjoy one of God's gifts to this region was a great way to get the kid's minds off their concern for their brother.  These photos were taken at the top of Kolob, the northwest portion of Zion National Park.  What a beautiful way to look after our family.  Nature and the beauty found there can definitely heal the soul. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Sam took his sketch pad and came home to paint an landscape inspired by Kolob

Charlie, checking out the Tarantula

What an added BONUS! A Tarantula.

Monday, September 26, 2011

FOOTBALL..The good, the bad and the UGLY!

Last Saturday morning the Cedar 3rd graders played in Hurricane.  During the 4th quarter Jack was carrying the ball and was tackled and through a weird fluke his femur was seriously fractured.  I guess all fractures are serious and most femur fractures are really tough due to the large bone and large muscle groups around it.
An ambulance came to the field and the EMTs used scissors to cut Jack's cute #81 uniform off of his little broken body.
We were blessed to have had Bobbi and Grandpa John at the game to help with the other kids and the nerves.  They brought the other kids back to Cedar while Brad and I spent the day and night and day and night with Jack recovering from surgery.  They put 2 titanium rods through the lower end of this femur up into his hip, capturing the broken bone like a skewer and putting it all back together.
We have had so many people reach out to help us and send love already.  It's amazing how people come from everywhere right when you need them (or even if you didn't think you did.)
As I type this, Jack is still in the hospital in St. George recovering with Brad by his side.  I'm at home getting the house ready for a wheel chair and our new version of normal for the next few months.

 Charlie running off the field after a play.  Jack..running on 2 solid legs. Trying to hold up his pants.

 Jack taking a hand off from the QB
 Charlie is the defender center of photo, closest to and facing the camera...containing the offense.  Jack, #81 just to the right. Charlie is a defensive monster, just like his dad was.  Jack plays offense and defense.

The tackle that broke the leg.
Brad and Charlie look on and lend support as the EMTs work on Jack.

Sam and Charlie..Charlie has felt this as much as Jack has but in a very different way.
Coach Hirschi reassures Charlie that Jack will be OK and that Charlie played a great game.

Post-op. Bionic leg and Jack in recovery.