Monday, September 26, 2011

FOOTBALL..The good, the bad and the UGLY!

Last Saturday morning the Cedar 3rd graders played in Hurricane.  During the 4th quarter Jack was carrying the ball and was tackled and through a weird fluke his femur was seriously fractured.  I guess all fractures are serious and most femur fractures are really tough due to the large bone and large muscle groups around it.
An ambulance came to the field and the EMTs used scissors to cut Jack's cute #81 uniform off of his little broken body.
We were blessed to have had Bobbi and Grandpa John at the game to help with the other kids and the nerves.  They brought the other kids back to Cedar while Brad and I spent the day and night and day and night with Jack recovering from surgery.  They put 2 titanium rods through the lower end of this femur up into his hip, capturing the broken bone like a skewer and putting it all back together.
We have had so many people reach out to help us and send love already.  It's amazing how people come from everywhere right when you need them (or even if you didn't think you did.)
As I type this, Jack is still in the hospital in St. George recovering with Brad by his side.  I'm at home getting the house ready for a wheel chair and our new version of normal for the next few months.

 Charlie running off the field after a play.  Jack..running on 2 solid legs. Trying to hold up his pants.

 Jack taking a hand off from the QB
 Charlie is the defender center of photo, closest to and facing the camera...containing the offense.  Jack, #81 just to the right. Charlie is a defensive monster, just like his dad was.  Jack plays offense and defense.

The tackle that broke the leg.
Brad and Charlie look on and lend support as the EMTs work on Jack.

Sam and Charlie..Charlie has felt this as much as Jack has but in a very different way.
Coach Hirschi reassures Charlie that Jack will be OK and that Charlie played a great game.

Post-op. Bionic leg and Jack in recovery.


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